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August 26, 2021
NSW Police monitor 1000 on ‘terrorism continuum’ as neo-Nazi risk grows
Fergus Hunter and Laura Chung, The Sydney Morning Herald

May 27, 2020
COVID-19 racism prompts NSW campaign
Jodie Stephens and Ashlea Witoslawski, AAP and Yahoo!7 Finance

June 21, 2018
Community groups welcome passing of race hate laws
SBS Online

June 21, 2018
Strengthened hate speech laws pass NSW Parliament in ‘great day’ for Australia
ABC Online

June 6, 2018
NSW moves against those who threaten violence
Editorial, The Australian

June 6, 2018
Jail for inciting race hate violence as NSW caves in to pressure
Sam Buckingham-Jones, The Australian

June 5, 2018
They will not go unpunished: three year jail terms under new race hate laws
The Sydney Morning Herald

June 5, 2018
Inciters of violence may face jail in NSW
SBS Online

June 5, 2018
NSW hate speech laws to be toughened to stop violent threats online or the street
ABC Online

June 5, 2018
Tougher race hate laws as government reverses position again
The Guardian Australia



April 24, 2018
Interview with columnist Janet Albrechtsen: Government doing nothing to stop violent hate speech
Alan Jones, Radio 2GB – Article & podcast

Listen to the interview here:

March 14, 2018
Interview by Miranda Divine: Change the laws to go after neo-Nazis
Miranda Divine, The Daily Telegraph – Article & podcast

Listen to the interview here:


March 13, 2018
Interview by Ray Hadley (2GB): Posters calling for the execution of Jews and gays aren’t illegal
Ray Hadley, Radio 2GBArticle & podcast


September 17, 2015
Interview by Alan Jones with NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff on need to overhaul NSW race-hate law
Alan Jones, Radio 2GB – Transcript

Vic Alhadeff: If a person can get away with … inflammatory, outrageous speech … it puts everyone at risk.

Alan Jones: Absolutely. I agree with you.

April 2, 2015
Anti-Semitic attacks on the rise, say Jewish groups
Bridget Brennan, ABC Radio: The Full Story

Vic Alhadeff: Most of the Australian community absolutely condemns this kind of language … everything begins with words.



December 13, 2017
NSW Government drops pledge to reform anti-vilification laws
Samantha Maiden, Sky News

August 10, 2016
Fears ‘ineffective’ anti-discrimination laws leave Australians open to vilification

September 6, 2016
Keep NSW Safe spokesperson Vic Alhadeff’s interview on PVO
Peter Van Onselen, Sky News



March 16, 2018
A criminal act to be punished
Editorial, The Australian

March 3, 2018
NSW cabinet must make inciting violence a crime
Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian

December 15, 2017
Gabrielle Upton U-turn on backing laws to ‘disarm’ hate preachers
Sharri MarksonThe Daily Telegraph

December 14, 2017
Ethnic groups angry over failure to reform NSW racial vilification laws
Greg Dyett, SBS News

December 13, 2017
‘Pandering to Pauline Hanson’: state government drops plans to strengthen race hate laws
Michaela Whitbourn, The Sydney Morning Herald

December 12, 2017
NSW government backs away from tougher race hate laws
Nick Pearson, Nine News

December 11, 2017
New South Wales drops pledge to reform state’s racial vilification laws
Christopher Knaus, The Guardian

December 14, 2017
NSW government snub over 20D
Joshua Levi, Australian Jewish News

Hate Speech in NSW
Justice François Kunc (editor), Australian Law Journal

September 16, 2016
NSW Anti-Discrimination Act’s 20D impossible to apply
Chris Merritt, The Australian

June 18, 2016
Shut down the sheikhs who incite violence
Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian

September 3, 2015
They want to kill us and the law does nothing
Vic Alhadeff, The Daily Telegraph

May 29, 2017
‘We are all at risk’: state government urged to amend NSW race hate laws
Michaela Whitbourn, Sydney Morning Herald

September 12, 2016
Taking the fight to combat brazen bigotry: Law must call the shots to stamp out hate
Vic Alhadeff, The Daily Telegraph

August 10, 2016
Government accused of long delays in promised hate speech law reform
Rachel Olding, Sydney Morning Herald

October 19, 2015
NSW government to overhaul race hate laws after Parramatta shooting
Anthony Klan, The Australian

September 3, 2015
Push to tighten NSW race hate laws
Anthony Klan, The Australian

September 12, 2016
Keep NSW Safe Coalition of ethnic groups accuse State Government of failing to strengthen race-hate legislation as promised
Kate Bastians, Wentworth Courier

September 10, 2016
Legal Notes
Vic Alhadeff, The Spectator

August 10, 2016
Fears ‘ineffective’ anti-discrimination laws leave Australians open to vilification
Andrea Booth, Lydia Feng, Louise Hedger, SBS News

February 16, 2017
Consultation launched on 20D
Evan Zlatkis, Australian Jewish News

June 23, 2016
Section 20D: ‘The time to act is now’
Evan Zlatkis, Australian Jewish News

October 22, 2015
‘A historic reform’
Evan Zlatkis, Australian Jewish News



September 9, 2016
ANC Australian joins community leaders in calling on NSW Government to reform Section 20D
Armenian National Committee of Australia

August 25, 2016
The fall of Deputy Premier Troy Grant
Warren Mundine, The Daily Telegraph

August 18, 2016
Keep NSW Safe Campaign urges NSW Government to review Section 20d of Anti Discrimination Act
Twinkle Ghosh, The Indian Telegraph

August 15, 2016
Keep NSW Safe issue a statement calling on the State Government to overhaul the race-hate legislation
O Kosmos

August 11, 2016
Report on Keep NSW Safe coalition
Australia Chinese Daily Newspaper

October 21, 2015
Candlelight vigil for Curtis Cheng
The Indian Sun



Introduction of new anti-incitement Bill into NSW Legislative Assembly by Attorney-General Mark Speakman
Hansard (go to page 29 of full day Hansard)
June 5, 2018

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman announces new Bill that targets incitement of violence
NSW Justice Department Media Release
June 5, 2018

Parliament of NSW – The Hon Daniel Mookhey MLC
Why won’t the NSW Government fix our broken Criminal Incitement laws?
Adjournment Speech 14 March 2018

Parliament of NSW Transcript – Uncorrected – 160901 – GPSC4 – Attorney General – Upton
Legislative Assembly Hansard – 1 September 2016

Parliament of NSW –Multiculturalism – Hansard

Parliament of NSW – Legislative Assembly Hansard – 25 August 2016
Race Discrimination Act view article

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