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Keep NSW safe from racial violence


Dear Premier’s Chief of Staff
cc Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams MP
cc NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman MP

I am writing to express my disappointment that the NSW government has broken a promise to strengthen racial hatred legislation to ensure that the people of NSW will be safe from the promotion of violence against others on the basis of their race, religion, gender or sexuality.

The current law does not effectively deter or punish those who set out to promote such violence. Extremists who promote such violence should be liable to arrest, prosecution and, if convicted, punishment. The state government needs to act before serious racist violence is again committed in NSW that could have been prevented.

This is not about freedom of speech, it’s about the promotion of violence. The parliament must act to preserve our peaceful way of life by changing the law to protect communities from the promotion of violence.

I thank you for considering this important issue and hope the Premier and the government will honour its commitment to support the Keep NSW Safe campaign and advocate for it within the parliament.

Yours sincerely

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